Privacy policy


This privacy policy (Privacy Policy) will define the ways that Destination: Dragon! (our App)

developer, GAME GABURI (We), will collect, and use, your personal data.


Your personal data, as related to our App and this Policy, refers to information such as transactional data, identity data, or other information created, used, or accumulated by your device.


We humbly request that players who do not agree with the terms set in this policy refrain

from using this App.


1. Information We Collect


Here is a list of information that our App may collect from you:


1) Information used to identify your device.


We may collect device-specific information (including your hardware model, operating

system information, the identity of your service provider, your IP address, or other

information used to identify your device).


2) Information that you provide to us.


Through your use of the App, we may collect information you provide to us (including

geographical location, language settings, your name when required, character name,

microphone or photo settings if you wish to take screenshots).


3) Technical Data


We may also collect technical data about your activity within the App (including time

of use, keystrokes used within the app, and purchase history).


4) Cookies


This App may use Cookies (or other tracking mechanisms) to enhance

your player experience.


2) How we collect your data.


We may collect data that you, the player, has entered. This may include date, mail address,

information you've sent to our Support email, ID, character name, etc.


We may also collect some information automatically as a routine part of you playing

the App. This may include unique device identifiers, activity within the App, data

pertaining to past in-App purchases, cookies, etc.


3) How we will use your data.


Below is a list of how We intend to use this data:


3a) To provide you with access to our App, or other services tied to our App (such as

     Twitter integration)


3b)  To provide you with information about services or products we, or another third party, have developed.


3c)  To take appropriate measures against the violation of the Terms of Use,

      Privacy Policy, or any other such binding material (Rules)


3d)  To aid us in providing customer support.


3e)  To inform you of changes in the Policy or Rules.


3f)  To provide you with ads that are more in line with your interests or hobbies.


3g)  To measure and analyze the effectiveness of those ads


3h)  For market analysis


3i)  To help us identify areas of potential improvement--both in terms of the App

     itself and the development of future content / apps.


3j)  To gather aggregate, non-specific statistical data for analysis


3k) For any purpose related or incidental to the reasons listed above.


4) How to stop the gathering of your personal data.


Players who no longer wish us to have access to this data can prevent its collection by uninstalling the App.


5)  Who we may share your personal information with.


This App may use data acquisition modules to help us analyze information we have

gathered. To use this modules, we may have to send some information to their developers.

Any information we send in this fashion will NOT include data gathered by cookies, or

any other information that can be used to identify you or your device.  Information sent to,

or stored by, these developers will be subject to their Rules and / or Privacy Policy.


・Unity Analytics (Distributor: Unity Technologies)

Unity Technologies Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy


6. Support


For support, please contact GAME GABURI at


7. Policy Revisions


The contents of this Policy made be subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a revision, the latest version can be found on our website.


Last revision: June 6, 2018




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