Model change (data backup) procedure


* Please start from "Data backup" button on "Other" screen before changing models.

 - Be sure to check the following notes before starting data backup

 - Data backup can not be performed for 30 days after data backup.


* Set the password required for data restoration and the user ID and password will be displayed when the data backup is completed normally. Please keep these until the data restoration.

 - The "Copy code" button copies the user ID and password to the clipboard.


* Please install "Dragon anywhere" on the new terminal.


* After choosing where to start Dora, select "Yes" because you will be asked whether to restore game data from backup data.

Next, enter the user ID and password and start "Restore".




* The created backup data will be deleted from the server after 30 days have elapsed. Please complete data migration at the destination terminal before deleting.


Be sure to perform "data backup" and "data restoration" in a state of good Internet environment.

Please do not run in a place where communication is unstable such as within a train, a line with limited data traffic volume, or a line that is not stable late.

Also, never shut down applications or terminals during data backup processing.


* Data backup can not be performed for 30 days from the terminal that backed up data.

Please do it just before model change.


* Please do not use data backup for other purposes, as it is provided to correspond to model change.


* The backup data is deleted from the server when restoring data.


* Operation is not responsible for failure relating to data migration at all. Please be careful.




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